Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Wow! This is the view of the Polebarn (the one I actually live in!) and as you can see the snow we received this last weekend was significant! These pictures were taken by "Q", my boyfriend on Saturday, March 3, 2007, with my digital camera.
This is the view from the front part of the polebarn. This door doesn't get used in the winter, too much cold air coming in so we put plastic over it. My son, Alex, decided to "walk through" the snow up to the door. It came up over his waist, and he is about 6 feet tall. The car bumper you see on the left is his car.
We spent 2 days holed up in here and I loved every minute of it! We just sat around watching movies and television and just hung out together! I made Tater Tot Hotdish and it was sooooo nice to just slow things down and not have to rush and hurry to get somewhere or worry about being late or traffic! It was even better when "Q", my boyfriend, came home because then all of us were home safe and sound. I was hoping we would get a "snow day". I guess I should be careful what I wish for, huh? :)

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sheryll said...

Hey Laura, I have been meaning to comment about the snow storms we had in the beginning of march. They were great, I love snow, but not all at once. I have been staying at my mom's taking care of her after her open heat surgery. Doing the cooking and the cleaning and stuff, It had been good to spend time with mom. I will be there only two more weeks, until she gets done with her theropy, she is gettnig better ever day.
I love the fresh fallen snow, it makes everthing look so white and fresh and clean, it is a winter wonderland for the animals, I love to watch for foot prints in the snow, to see what animal has dared to venture out of there safe haven of the woods, but when the snow is so deep they are not to sure what to do.
I remember the snows as a child, playing at home and playing at my grandmother's house. Making the snowman, and the snow fort, and the trails,we used to play a game called the fox and the goose, it was so fun, now as an adult of course, it is a pain some times, but it is still great. Take care Laura, and I hope to write more again. Bye for now. Sheryll, P.s. say hello to my brother for me...