Monday, January 09, 2012

Skippy and the Blueberry Pacakes

Happy New Year!

This year we started the new year off with completing a project we have been working on for close to a year. Last year we found a small black dog in the coldest part of the winter. We took him in and he stayed with us for three days as we tried to find his family. We thought he was from our neighborhood, but he was actually from the other side of town. We talked about writing a children's book about this little dog's adventures and publishing it.

I am happy to announce we have made that dream a reality. On January 2, 2012, we published the Kindle version of "Skippy and the Blueberry Pancakes." It is available on Just click here to find it: Skippy and the Blueberry Pancakes. 

It's for sale for $0.99 for the Kindle version and we hope to have a print edition in the near future. We may not make Stephen King money, but the fact we have realized our dream is priceless.

If I can impart any advice for the coming year, whether the world ends (again), or not, is to just do what you can do to move forward toward your dream. I am amazed at how kind and supportive people are when they realize that you are doing what you love and while it make not make you rich financially, it will enrich you personally with the experience.

Until next time, keep moving forward and please be kind.


Carol said...

Congratulations on achieving your goal of completing your book and getting published! So happy for you!


I also congratulate you on your success! I am a writer and working on my final edit. I just bumped into your blog as I looked at mine that I have not been active on is ages because of the job and working on the book. And it was just the message I needed! To keep working on my dream!
Thank you for being there tonight.