Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to School--Not this year!

School started yesterday for most of the schools in this area, and for the first time ever, I didn't have to wake my son up and make him breakfast for the first day of school. Weird. Really weird.

To tell the truth, this has been a weird summer. Hotter than usual, drought, humidity that brings memories of the Everglades in Florida, and just the fact that Alex won't ever go to school again, unless he chooses to. I went to Wal-mart last week and ended up in the Back to School section and nearly broke down. Looking at the colors, the markers, the notebooks and folders, the pens and pencils, erasers, the was just overwhelming to think I wouldn't have to buy any of that stuff again for him.

It's also been a really hard week since he called his Navy recruiter to enlist. Reality hits again. My son will be leaving for who knows how long, and I will not be looking for him to drive up after work, or be sitting in front of the television or computer playing video games, or chilling out on the couch watching a movie. I still have that to go through, but I think I will be ok. Not great. Just ok.

I won't promise I won't cry. I will probably shed buckets of tears, and will be down in the dumps for a while, but I do have other things in my life to keep me going. I have the LOML (Love of my life) QH, who promises that if I get too worked up, he will take me fishing or flash shiny objects in front of me to distract me. I have my nephew, Cannon, who I am still babysitting during the day, who is also turning into a little ball of fire. And, my writing, which I couldn't give up even if I tried (I tried, but then I couldn't breathe, so I had to go back to it. Life or death, you know!). I can't disappoint my fans at Pro Drywall (Lori, Karen and Diane, **waving** hey, girls!), or Dan on 3rd shift who reads my articles in Zimmerman Today every other week. Also, those friends and family members who "don't get it", it drives them crazy that I would pursue a writing career because they don't think I can be successful at it. Those are the ones I love the most, because when someone says "You can't", I say, "Watch me!"

Truth is, I have plenty to keep me busy until my son comes home, for a visit or for good. I am in the process of editing my first novel for publication, and working on the sequel. It's a murder suspense thriller and the sequel is coming along nicely. I have also started my own writing business, Crawford Writing Services, Inc., and I will be doing a lot of promotion for that. I also have a great project I'm working on with Zimmerman Today, plus, a lot of articles I plan to shop around to magazines and other publications. Lots to do.

But I still want to go school shopping anyway! Just for old times sake!


sheryll said...

Hi Laura, Yes those years for me have been gone for a few years already, and I still like to go to walmart, and see all the new school supplies, and I buy a few for myself too!!!!, Don't worry about your son Alex, he will be ok. congradulations on your book, and good luck to you in your writting. I have always loved to write, I remember sending my Grandmother 30 page letters,she loved them, and when she would call and talk to us she always would ask me when she was going to get her next novel. I loved her so,, god bless her soul. any way, wanted to know if ya had any of those articles stacked up some place in the polebarn, that you did for the zimmerman Today paper, love to read them. Good for you, you prove them realitives wrong, you can do it. I wish I could, May be after I get done with school, and things are more settled around here, I could start to write a story about my life. take care girl...

Jeni said...

Laura - just a word to the wise - when you take Alex to leave for his basic training, make sure you have oodles and oodles of kleenex with you! When my daughters and I put my son on the bus to leave for basic training, I couldn't even stay by the bus to wave good bye to him. I had to turn away and walk to my car where I sat there and cried and cried. The girls waved to him as long as they could still see his face pressed against the window in the bus as it pulled away from the terminal and then they cried but I just couldn't even stay there to watch the bus depart. He survived four years in the Army -and so did I. Then he stayed in Washington state, moved to Arizona too for three years after his discharge before he finally came back to Pennsylvania in 2000. In 2004, he moved back to the village where my daughter and I live, bought an old home here and here's he's stayed now! He's still my baby ya know, even if he's 6'3 and 34 years old, still Mom's baby boy!