Saturday, November 07, 2009

This Anticipation Is Fabulous

I have no idea what it means when you have all 3 recurring dreams in the same night. No, don't worry, they were all great dreams, all positive and fun and full of light and color. If you know a dream analyst, please let me know what it means. You can email me at and let me know.

The first dream was the standard "Tornado Coming" kind of dream. The sky is getting dark and foreboding. The wind is calm and in some edges of my view, there are trees bending over in the wind or being carried away. The tornado siren is blowing. We need to be in the house.

The house is a few yards away. I'm trying to find the kids, which is my brother when he was little, my son when he was little and my grandbaby girl and my nephew. Most of the time I have a hard time finding the kids, and then I have a hard time convincing them that the large funnel cloud coming will hurt them.

But we have to look for the favorite toy or blankie before we can get them into the safety of the house. Usually, the sky is black. If I see more than one funnel cloud touch down to the ground, lightening, wind, rain, and flaming meteors, the end of the world is coming, and I'm scared to breathe.
Not good.

But this time, the sun was shining. The birds were singing and the butterflies were flying around, the kids were playing happily and the siren blares off. I'm looking all around this very colorful, bright landscape and see a semi-dark cloud, and a "dust devil" with some paper and debris coming for us. I grab the kids, and put my back to the dust devil, watching the debris go right by us, the sun shining and this feeling of, "Well, that wasn't so bad."

The second dream morphed from that into the "Let's find the hidden suitcase full of money dream." Usually, this involves me and my Dad looking in an abandoned, run down building full of junk and soaking wet with water running some where, either as a river through the building or running down the walls. There is a lot of old junk we have to sort through, but I usually find the suitcase and Dad just laughs and says, "I knew you'd find it, you always do." This time, my dear hubby, QH, was there with me and his father, George, who passed away in January, was there. It didn't register George was there, and that he's dead, instead, it was as natural as him still being alive and well.

George was directing QH to find his suitcase. I became competitive and wanted to find mine before he found his, but he beat me to it. I could hear George laughing (how I miss that), and say, "You'd better hurry! She's gonna beat you!" and then see QH find his much larger suitcase full of money. Mine is full of money, too, but I have a feeling there's a third one someplace...

The final dream is in Alaska. We've never been, and here we are fishing for hallibut. The sun is rising in all sorts of wonderful colors. The mountains and the water reflect all the colors, and the boat we are on is awash in vibrant color and joyful feelings. It's like the feeling you get when you go to bed Christmas Eve and feel like tomorrow is going to be the best day ever.

The anticipation is fabulous!

"We" includes the following family members: QH, myself, my Dad, his two brothers, the captain of the fishing guide service and his first mate. QH is telling me over and over, "I'm not going home. I'm not going home." His brother Virgil is laughing, his brother Neal is in the cabin talking to the captain, drinking a beer. My Dad is just smiling and laughing and can't wait to get his line in the water. Out of nowhere, my son, Alex appears and he and my Dad begin to have a conversation. In the meantime, QH is still saying, "I'm not going home."

I'm just soaking all the ambience in and trying to take pictures. Then the fishing starts and it's phenomenal. I wake up.

This is the strange part, I still have that Christmas-morning-is-on-the-way- feeling. I've been buzzing all day, and feel better than I have in months. I feel like a switch has been turned on, or the gate has been finally opened. I have no idea what changed in such a short time.

All I know is, I don't want this feeling to stop.

(To Be Continued...)

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trease said...

Laura, I love this post about your dreams. You made it feel so real. While I'm no pro dream analyst, I do know from experience dreams can have different meanings.

Sometimes the dream is a result of your last thought before falling asleep. Sometimes they tell of what is to come. sometimes they're symbolic of something else. And then they're sometimes pure nonsense... perhaps your mind unwinding from the day.

The tornado dream could be about your fears that are in the background. Or it could be a quest for something yet to be discovered.

The dust bowl wind with the papers flying may have something to do with your writing. Maybe there's initial turbulence going on, kicking ideas up. But I feel something's going on with your muse, that involves working through some ideas. But it's okay like you feel in the dream. You will work your way through the idea whirlwind and come out with a finished product or new direction on the other side.

The Dads being there could be a gathering or bonding of family. Also George is saying it's okay... you'll see him again.

Our kids and little ones in the family are a part of us. They figure prominently at times. So it's natural to dream of them. The different people being little that aren't could signal phases you'll be coming up against. or it could be a comparison of what your kids will be like. Or there's an important moment yet to come where these people figure prominently.

Alaska may be a piece of the future, new change or just a place you ought to visit. It may have some hidden meaning or you're supposed to go there. Maybe there's a move in your future, one that's important to your husband.

Recurring dreams recur for a reason. They can help you overcome an obstacle or problem that's on your mind or help you deal with a fear. They can be a glimpse into the future. Or they hold some special meaning to you that will later become clear.

Before you fall asleep next time. ask for further clarification and expect an answer. I feel some of what they're about also has to do with certain aspects of your writing.

Now, I'm no expert. But I am gifted with dreaming and knowing what some of them mean. I have dreamt things before they happened. Or if I actually pursued plan A then B would happen. And it usually did. Other of my dreams were symbolic and had hidden meaning for me to ferret out.

In time it will come to you.

I can hardly wait to see what happens to them next. And some dreams are fun and just plain zany.