Friday, February 27, 2009

AACK!! More SNOW!!!

Today we got nailed. Literally.

You know the commute to work is going to be a bitch when you see a snow plow in the ditch and it's taken out a TREE!! That's what we saw on our way to work this afternoon, because I work the 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm shift and I'm not rich writing yet and I didn't win the Powerball!!! AACK!!!

I need to work from home. Seriously. It's getting worse out there and if the SNOW PLOW goes into the ditch, it doesn't really inspire my confidence in any other driver on the road...INCLUDING ME!!!

You also know there's a slow news day when THE WEATHER CHANNEL SHOWS UP IN YOUR HOME STATE!! Like they never saw SNOW BEFORE?!

I think this sinus infection has gone to my brain and it's melting. I know because it's coming out my freaking nose and coughing it's way out. Gross, sorry, I also have no TACT, it's the antibiotics, or the 14 hours of sleep I got last night or maybe the mixture of plastics fumes co-mingling with the over-the-counter stuff I take so I can at least breathe, which is soooo helpful for my snoring problem (sorry, honey, I guess I'll be moving into Alex's room until I can get my own C-Pap machine).


The picture above is Bill the Cat, for those who are not versed in the ways of Bloom County. I miss that cartoon. So many laughs. So many times standing in your underwear looking down, or my favorite was when Geraldo was hit in the nose on his talk show by a skinhead who hit him in the face with a chair. Good times.

My all time favorite of the cartoon was when Dallas was trying to quit smoking and said he gave the last pack to Bill. The next picture was of Bill with all the cigs in his mouth at once, all lit and the "Thppptt" was the caption. Nobody does it like B.B.

Time to get to sleep, I'm behind schedule and I need to start my writing marathon tomorrow. I have books to write and send to my publisher before she loses her patience with me.

Not much else to do after a snowstorm. I miss snow days, don't you???


Sandy said...

That is bad when the snow plow ends up in the ditch.

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Get well soon,


Cheryl said...

I'm never any help with home remedies, but I can tell you that we're going to hit the mid-40's or so here today, but are expecting snow for the weekend. New England is so much fun!

Feel better soon.


Dorothy Thompson said...

"You also know there's a slow news day when THE WEATHER CHANNEL SHOWS UP IN YOUR HOME STATE!! Like they never saw SNOW BEFORE?! "

Cracked me up! I'd love to see some of the white stuff. We've not had a snowfall yet. One day, it started out like we were going to get something then it turned to freaking rain!