Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slowly Getting Caught Up

It's been a challenging month to say the least.

February is usually bad for me. It's the shortest month of the year and it seems to bring a lot of difficulties that make it seem the longest month of the year.

Other than Valentine's Day, the month holds difficult memories for me. Today, for instance, is the anniversary of my mother's masectomy. She had her surgery in 2009, and has been cancer free since then, Thank God. But the melancholy also seems to be amplified with everyone being sick, including yours truly.

I was supposed to have some teeth pulled yesterday, not the funnest thing in the world, but I was prepared to have it done and get it over with. Well, that didn't work out either, because of my upper respiratory infection and my blood pressure being high. I took Thereflu the night before, which elevates your blood pressure, and had nothing but coffee and you mix that with the possibility of pain in the dentist chair, well, you get a high reading.

So, they cancelled that and I made an appointment to see a family physician and have my pressure checked, etc. He saw no reason for me to delay having the extractions, but said I should take antibiotics and let the sinus infection clear up before rescheduling with the dentist. Fine. So, I got my prescription and like a good girl, took my medicine.

The plan is for me to stay away from anything that will elevate my pressure and the doctor had my blood taken to check for cholesterol and stuff and see how that comes out. I also need to drop some weight, a lot of weight. But first thing's first, get rid of the infection. Then get my butt back into the gym.

As for everything else, I have had a hard time getting back into my groove. I'm almost back up to my 2,000 words a day in writing, but I have found that once you stop it's hard to build up the momentum again. I wish I wouldn't have slacked off the last couple of weeks, but my heart and my head were so turned around with everything and my emotions were all over the place, it was hard to just focus on getting out of bed and functioning without breaking down and crying.

It's taking time, but it's getting better and I'm slowly getting caught up.

In the meantime, I'm trying to stay strong and positive and to keep putting one foot in front of the other. I can't sit around and feel sorry for myself or crawl into a corner and cry all the time. George, if he were alive, would kick my ass for that, and so would his wife. She's been getting along fairly well, but I know it must be really hard when you lose someone you've lived with and were married to for over 60 years.

Sigh. Life goes on.

I'm looking forward to Spring, and March is coming. I will be planting my flowers again, with Cannon's help, and will be happy when the weather warms up and the snow is gone. It's been a long winter.

Jess and Patrice will also be welcoming their first baby in the early part of March, a baby girl. Then I can be "Grandma Laura" and QH can be "Poppa Dude". Babies have a way of making things all better.

April we will be going to Florida, for a much needed vacation and some time in the sun and on the beach.

But the best news is my brother called on Valentine's Day and he and his wife, Lisa, are expecting their first baby sometime in the fall, around September. I told him since Kelley and I had the boys, he was going to have the girls!

We'll have to wait and see.


Dorothy Thompson said...

It sure has been a long winter, hasn't it? I'm so sorry to hear you've been not feeling up to par. I usually get Bronchitis about the first of April every year so I'm doing everything I can think of not to get it. It just seems like the cold goes right through you. Congratulations on the new baby...I think that would really cheer you up and just remember the daffodils will be blooming soon and then nice weather right around the bend. Take care!

Laura M. Crawford said...

Thanks, FFG! Yes, having a new little baby in a few weeks and a new little neice or nephew in the fall will be great to look forward to. I'm tired of the gray days, the cold wind and the snow. I hope you make it through April without any problems.:0)

Laura :)

Kim Smith said...

I feel ya hunny. I cannot think straight with this dizziness from fluid in my ears and writing is totally out of the question. It seems like I have been sick forever. I will be happy to be well again.

Laura M. Crawford said...

Kim, I know what you mean! Since George passed, everyone around me has been sick, and I mean EVERYONE! I will be glad to stop coughing and sneezing and spitting stuff out of my body, and be able to breathe through my nose and not have the sinus pressure anymore! Yuck! The antibiotics must be kicking in, though, because I feel a bit better today than I have all week. I even wrote 2 posts to my Recession Rescue Group letting them all know that I did not fall off the face of the Earth! LOL!

I hope you feel better soon too, and can get back to writing again fast. Just take good care of yourself, ok?

Laura :)