Saturday, February 14, 2009


In honor of Valentine's Day and to keep the Love and Happiness flowing, here's my Tip Sheet on having a Fabulous Valentine's Day with your Sweetheart!

10 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Fabulous

10. The 10-second kiss.
When your sweetheart leaves for work, take 10 seconds and give them a kiss they will remember all day long! Then do it again when they come home! It might last longer than 10 seconds.

9. Decorations.
Fill balloons with notes of reasons why you love your sweetheart, then blow them up, hide them and the night before, put them in the car (really fill it up if you can), and then leave a large pin with a note and instructions.
Or write how much you love them on the car with a bottle of car window ink, the kind you see on the windshields at the car dealer with the prices, etc. It comes in all sorts of colors, so go wild! You can find it at a party supply store or a hardware store.

8. Give them the royal treatment.
Make them King (or Queen), for the day with a crown, a declaration on parchment paper, and then cater to their every wish. You won’t be sorry!

7. Surprise, surprise, surprise!
Come home early, (before the kids get home, if you have them), and show your sweetheart how much you love them. Make sure you lock the doors and unplug the phones!

6. Look out Emeril and Rachel Ray.
If you can’t get a reservation to your favorite restaurant, then plan to surprise your sweetheart by ordering their favorite meal via take out and plate it up like you cooked it yourself. If you plan waayy ahead, then take a cooking course and make that Steak & Lobster Thermidor yourself. Not only will your sweetheart appreciate it, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence as well.

5. Draw a nice warm bath.
Nothing relieves stress better than a nice, hot bath. Draw the water just before you know your sweetheart is ready to hit the water or it will be too cold. You can put rose petals or heart shaped confetti down on the floor or carpet leading the path to the bath. Make sure to scrub the back and rub the neck and shoulders area.

4. Make the world go away.
Shut it all off. No electronic devices, no television, no cell phones, or other things that ring or clack or will disturb the intimacy of you and your sweetheart and your quality time.

3. Go Ahead! Eat Chocolate!

2. Bring out your inner Shakespeare
Express your love in the written word, in your own words. If you have trouble finding the words, then find a poem or have someone help you write it.

1. Run away from home.
Take off for the weekend. This one will have to be planned out since there are over a zillion reservations made for Valentine’s Day, or if you want to avoid the holiday rush, then celebrate the weekend before or the weekend after. Enjoy all the time you have together.

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